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This blog is created to challenge your thoughts about health and nutrition.  This blog will explore a variety of current event topics that include natural, alternative adjunctive health therapies that include Marijuana, Hemp, Botanical, Herbal, Tea, and other such naturals.  This blog dares you to challenge yourself to obtain a healthier, happier, and more balanced lifestyle by providing examples of nutrition, health, business opportunities, current news and validated research that will raise knowledge, and improve life.  This thought level will challenge you to combat poverty, addiction, and excuses.  It will acknowledge weakness, challenge failure, never quit, and make you keep on reaching until you turn it into prosperity.  We will write articles that will help you develop a strategy to turn your health, wealth, and prosperity into everything you have dreamed into goals.  We will inspire thoughts by removing miserable ones.  We will see that failure does not mean defeat, it means shake it off, and get back to work.  It will prove that People must realize that individuals have different strengths, and weaknesses.  It is understanding these differences that will help achieve workable solutions and provide keys to future opportunities.  We will encourage skill building, networking, and enriching by inspiring each other to achieve personal greatness.  We work together and the future will hold no door that our keys cannot unlock.

Absolute Marketing of Quality and Value

The QV Health Wealth Prosper Blog

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6 Responses to Absolute Quality Value- (QV)- Prosper Blog

  1. joseph dougherty

    Very nice blog. Loads easily on mobile

  2. This looks great Viv! Very nice!!!!

    • Thank you Randy. I just finished a Facebook Marketing class that teaches me how to tie it all together. The class was very informative. Just wait! I found how to enbed Skype into my blog! {wink} Now we are really moving forward. =)

  3. increasingly Viv!
    Very readable,The information is condensed, Impressive progress! You are like fine wine: you improves with time

  4. Where I do believe in prosperty and living healthy I do not believe in receiving it at any cost. I also am mindful of the less forunate, not everyone can and neither did everyone start out on the same playing field. You have to remember we have the working class poor, people that work hard to provide for themselves and their love one’s but do not make enough money to buy some of the healthier choices.

    I think your answer to this problem would be, get a better job or go to school, did you know we have citizen who did not learn the basics from the beginning, not because they were lazy but maybe because finishing school was not an option. Then their are those citizens that did not have the support as a child, helping them with their school work and instilling in them the importance of school-starting out behind the eight ball from the beginning.

    Just saying some people choose not to do better, and you have some citizens if they were given the opportunity to advance themselves they would or would have. Do not be so quick to judge.

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