6 Leggings With Pockets That Make Working Out So Much Easier


As if leggings weren’t versatile enough already, add pockets to them and they become all the more functional. Because if there’s one thing that’s annoying when you go work out in leggings, it’s when you have to carry your keys, cards/cash, and phone in your hand and then set them down by your workout station. You’re guaranteed to forget and walk away from your essentials at least once while you’re there.

Or maybe you’re heading out for a run and want to grab a coffee at Starbucks on your way back. There’s no way you’re carrying everything in your hands as you log your miles. How about when you need to bring a phone for safety during a trail run? You need a pocket that can hold anything from the occasional cash stash to your new iPhone.

The presence of a pocket isn’t enough to warrant buying a particular pair of leggings, of course. There’s so much more you require of a legging. You need one that’s comfortable, will wick away sweat, is breathable enough to keep you cool and breezy, and one made with fabric that will stay snug in all the right places. And, let’s not kid ourselves here, the pair should be cute, too.

Whether you’re looking for a basic black pair that looks good going anywhere or a more look-at-me now option (or something in between)—and whether you want one that’s capris, full-length (or something in between)—we’ve got you covered. Give your thighs and derriere the attention they deserve while keeping things functional, thanks to these six leggings with pockets:

Nike Power Legendary leggings
These are your new go-anywhere capris. With a stretchy compression fit that offers support and makes legs look sleek, as well as Dri-FIT fabric to prevent sweat from sticking, you’ll feel good in these for the entire workout, whether you’re doing cardio or lifting weights. Oh, and there’s a handy interior pocket at the waist.


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